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My Judging


I am ENCI   FCI judge
GROUP 3  -  GROUP  9
All the Italians breeds

I have my kennel name Samarcanda since 1983 in Italy , then from some years I have in Spain the kennel name Es Samarcanda.   
Samarcanda is the name of a beautiful Italian song of the 70's , talking about  an old legend, of a horse . Horses being my second love  , in fact at home we have Friesian horses too
I  had my first poodle (a black miniature) when I was 13, and my first standard I was 18, with this dog I imported from Germany I won a lot in Italy and abroad. Breeding him with a bitch of  English line I had my first Samarcanda litter in 1983.
When I met my husband I started show and breed Airedale terriers too,what we still do now. Few people  know that,  in the past I bred some litters of Neapolitan Mastiffs and smooth fox terrier,  making many champions too .
As I told my first poodle, the miniature ,was a pet , I was a teenagers and had  great fun with him, teaching him a lot of different plays , he was like a circus dog .
As I wonted a show dog I imported from Germany my first black standard" Black Bajazzo von der Weissen Bircke"
He was a dog with a lot of temperament, very sweet but also a great guardian , he was really a joker, as the meaning of  his German name it is, he had a great fun in the ring and I can remember once ,after the winning of a BIS he was running free in the ring barking to all the world "watch at me !!!" . After that time,he was always standing serious while the judgment  , but has he understood it was finished,  he started to bark trying to run away free in the ring to collect applausess.
At my home I have 12 standard poodles from one year up to thirteen, 3 boys and 9 girls , in black, white , brown and silver. On add several other of my dogs live with some friends or related of me, as my sister Sonia has one boys with her. I do this because , as I can give a good home, with a lot of love, to my dogs , I wont they be the loved child of someone, slipping on a soft sofa.
Poodles are not dogs to keep in a garden , we can do that with terrier that they don't need so much physical   contact with the owner .
In my breeding program I use different lines, but some one of my poodles have behind  on  the mother line 6th generations of Samarcanda  born in my house
From many years I groom and show my dogs by myself, being a professional groomer, and international judge of grooming competition, but during the time many friends that are groomers too,  having  my poodles, help me keeping them in condition and bathing and grooming their dogs before the shows.
Probably poodle is the most spectacular show breed,  entering in the ring , a typical good poodle must catch the eye , because his structure, his movement, his style and also for his "flashing dress" . Of course a good handling and a good feeling with the dog can give him more value, but a lot of coat and a super handling   can not turn a second -rate dog in a great champion.
Being a judge from few year, because I spent all my life showing, I am very proud because e I collected several invitations from many  European country and from USA  
When I watch poodles in a ring I love arrogance and style in them, in my opinion the movement is very important in such a show breed.
I don't like shy dogs, with the tail down, it can happen just to a puppy at the first shows, but such a happy breed must always show his happiness to be in a human company.

Lorena Merati

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